Top 8 Things to do in Central London

One thing we all must agree that London is a very beautiful place and the Central London is the heart of the city. There are many areas in London and Central London is one of them. This part indicates the Middle or the ‘Central’ part of this astonishing region. Over the period, various definitions have been placed to figure out its meaning by showing urban structures, indigenous attire and its culture. Its elaborating features include a densely and popular built environment, surging land prices, and numerous international & national venues alongside desired attractions for tourists to follow.

Traditionally, road distances to London are measured from a central point at Charing Cross, marked by the statue of King Charles the 1st at the convergence of the Strand, Whitehall, and Cockspur Street, just south of Trafalgar Square.

The Royal Commission listed the following features of Central London: the presence of the Royal Palaces and Parliament; government offices; courts; large commercial and industrial companies; prestigious universities; important cultural institutions like the National Gallery and the British Museum; and headquarters for national ballet and opera companies, among others. In addition, it acts as a central location for a number of national associations, professional associations, trade unions, social service providers, retail establishments, and entertainment venues that attract tourists from all across Greater London and beyond.

Central London is distinct from its environs in a number of ways. Due to its premium real estate and economic significance, its rateables value is noticeably high. The population during the daytime greatly outnumbers that during the overnight, therefore, owing to the influx of commuters and visitors are connected to these mentioned places. Traffic congestion in the central area is particularly acute, surpassing that of other parts of the metropolis or provincial cities. Additionally, recent extensive office developments have transformed the area, presenting a new phenomenon in its urban landscape.


Top 8 Things to do in Central London

1. Tower of London

Tower of London - Best in London

The Tower of London, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is situated close to Tower Bridge on the north bank of the Thames. After being built gradually after 1066, the Tower has served a number of significant state purposes and henceforth, it upholds its reputation about the Royal Palace of London.


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2. Birmington Palace

Birmington Palace - Best in London

The world-famous architect John Nash (1752–1835) oversaw the conversion of Buckingham House into Buckingham Palace, which began in 1825 during the reign of George IV.
Around 1840, at the beginning of Queen Victoria's reign, construction was completed. The monarch's residence and place of employment have since been in the center of London, at Buckingham Palace.


3. Museums & Galleries of Central London

Museums & Galleries of Central London - Best in London

There are numerous museums & galleries which are pretty impressive and top of those students will learn many things by visiting those specific places and for that I must notify some of the marvelous museums down below:

A. The British Museum

The British Museum - Best in London

The museum's treasures are divided into several departments, the most extensive collection of Egyptian antiquities being kept at the Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan.

B. The National Gallery

The National Gallery - Best in London

It is the fifth most visited destination in the world, with almost 5 million tourists annually. The artwork of the National Gallery is organized into four groups.


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C. The Courtauld Gallery

The Courtauld Gallery - Best in London

The collection, which spans the early Renaissance to the second half of the 20th century, is on show in a number of small, elaborately furnished galleries within Somerset House, an 18th-century home.

D. The National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery - Best in Lonon

There are always more than a thousand paintings on exhibit, spread across three levels and 42 galleries. They are offered with insightful commentary about the painting in question as well as the time period it was painted.


4. The Tower Bridge Exhibition

The Tower Bridge Exhibition - Best in London

The most remarkable and winning design, created by Sir Horace Jones and Sir John Wolfe Barry, included two pier-mounted, 65-meter-tall towers with revolving bascules that could be raised to almost vertical heights to accommodate larger vessels. Two iron walkways that are horizontal in shape connect the towers, and a more traditional suspension bridge structure supports them at both ends.

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